How do we incorporate robots in education so students are prepared for the workforce?

One of the realities of our increasing robotic presence is the jobs that will be created in robotics. Subjects such as math, science, and programming are becoming vital for students to have an edge in the job market. However, teaching programs and schools are far behind technologically (both in education of tech for teachers and public funding to support having these resources), leaving a gap between the students we are producing and the demand for these skills.

Attached is an article that includes available robots that can be incorporated in classrooms. From the simple “Play-I” robot that aids in teaching students, to robots that act as actual pieces of technology that students can learn to program and create. This is a definite start to improving technology in regards to education- but there’s a lot of issues that need to be dealt with first.

As great as it may be that these resources are available, the reality of their presence in American public schools anytime soon is probably pretty slim. The costs of these robots (ranging from $200-$8000) can add up pretty quickly when you figure how many classrooms we would have to provide for.


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