Education’s Relationship with Robotics

As technology advances, it goes without saying that technology should have a relationship in our education system. From tools that are aids in the classroom, robotic simulations for learning, or even robots being used as educators/students, there are many ways that robots and AIs can improve education.

The school system is oftentimes stuck in it’s ways and resistant to change. The well-being of students must be taken into account. With the growing demand in engineering and robotics, it seems practical to incorporate robotics classes in primary school to give students an edge on the job market. This may also mean that the implementation of certain robotics may be negative, such as replacing teachers with robots since the human connection may be lost and affect learning in a negative way.

In many ways, the incorporation of robotics in classrooms has produced positive results. For example, using simulations for drunk driving in high school settings has been a realistic and influential program established in some high schools. Technology can also be utilized to create a more accessible learning environment. For example, students that are hospitalized may attend school and socialize through robots that they control from their hospital bed.

Change is always easily accepted by the young, since they are adaptable and eager to learn new things. School settings are a perfect environment to implement positive change with technologies and robotics.


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