Brains as Hard Drives- How close are we to connecting our memories or even personalities to computers?

This search of mine initially started as an attempt to find research on the possible future connection between our brains and the hard drive of a computer. I wanted to see if there were experiments that either worked on transmitting memories or information from the human brain to a computer storage or vise versa.

What I found was a wide range of things, more than I anticipated. The first was an experiment that is trying to look at memories in a similar way to a computer’s hard drive- as pieces of saved information that can be deleted or edited. Currently in the works of experimenting with rodents- the research is being conducted to turn negative memories into positive ones. This is intended to move forward into human memories- by conditioning individuals with fears to become immune to those fears. (or therapy for PTSD or anxiety)

Another step to my search took me down the rabbit hole. It began with a silly exploration of a Daily Mail article that claimed we were close to converting our brains into computers- which was then discredited because of our lack of knowledge of the brain. An add for another article spoke about Google’s new patent for a robot that has the ability to download personalities (that could be constructed, or copied from a loved one or celebrity). These robots could be used for companionship or as a life assistant.




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