Uploading to the Brain

In a new research study, scientists are experimenting with the possibilities involving our learning abilities. Similar to a computer, there may be ways that we could “upload” new information without actually listening to instructions or experiencing a motor activity. Similar to the popular film The Matrix, it may be an available technology in the near future. To do so, the scientists of this experiment have found that locating certain areas of the brain and stimulating them may make it possible to condition a human being to “learn” new skills.

The specifics of this research differs greatly from the movie, The Matrix. In the film, the individual sits in a chair and has a sharp metal plug inserted into an “outlet” located at the back of the head. Information is then uploaded into their memory, and within a short period of time they can be experts in a field without ever studying it (such as martial arts).

In the current experiment, the test subject wears a cap on their head that is connected to many wires. Using electric impulses, the scientist locate points in their brain that they determine are connected to the specific task they would like to upload. (Which varies for each individual, making it difficult to predict if this technology could be mass produced) For the current experiment, the researchers are using amateur pilots and attempting to use the technology to make their performance similar to that of a professional.




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